Dorothy Iannone

© Dorothy Iannone. Photo: M HKA
I Was Thinking Of You, 1975
ahlers collection
Mixed Media , 233 x 173,5 x 54 cm
acrylic on wood, monitor, video converted to DVD video 5 min, looped

“I wanted, among other things, to give a glimpse of, let’s call it, the soul which, at the moment of orgasm, passes fleetingly over the face. I made the video completely alone. It was self-stimulation of course, but in a way that’s irrelevant because, as the title says, “I was thinking of you” and masturbation is the only way it could have been done and remained art. At one point, just for fun, instead of showing only my seductive side, I made some of the funniest faces I could imagine. I don’t think I ever gave more of myself in a work.”

Dorothy Iannone, from Maurizio Cattelan, Dorothy lannone. A Revolutionary Life. Flash Art International, n° 247, March-April 2006, pp. 79-81