Dorothy Iannone

Piano / A Story of Ajaxander, 1989
Collection Francesco Gonz, Verona
Installation , variable dimensions
acrylic and ink, with integrated Text: Courting Ajaxander

“I did write Courting Ajaxander in 1983 as pure text. It was eventually published in a cassette with books by Emmett Williams and William Copley, on the occasion of our exhibition at Haus am Lutzow Platz in Berlin. Before then, I had copied that entire short story onto a piano I was making for Francesco Conz in Verona, who had also commissioned pianos from Joseph Beuys, Ben Vautier, and other Fluxus artists. Courting Ajaxander, by the way, contains the only extended explicitly erotic passages I have ever written. Although completely direct, their effect, I have been told, is not in the least obscene.”

 Dorothy Iannone, from Trinie Dalton, I’m still Game: Dorothy Iannone, Paris, LA, Issue 4, Summer 2010