Dorothy Iannone

© Dorothy Iannone
The Olympic Box, 1972
Private collection
Object , 58,5 x 34 x 30cm
four painted wooden panels, one with an oval saw opening, as well as fabric stretched on the frame and leather handle

“Although I was aware that my singing voice didn't follow the general musical conventions, still I loved to sing, and often did, primarily for friends; and even sometimes when we were together in a restaurant or a bar having a glorious time, I might be moved to sing. Although entertaining for my friends and ecstatic for me, these improvised performances could be annoying for those who just wanted to eat or drink in peace. Consideration for others was most likely not the impetus for making the Singing Boxes in 1972, when I first time integrated music with painting and text. But it was a way of reaching people I didn't know with my voice, while giving them the choice of tuning or not, although I don't think I ever really completely gave up the occasional spontaneous burst of song in public.”

Dorothy Iannone, from Maurizio Cattelan. Intimacy: Interview with Dorothy lannone. Abitare, n° 517, November 2011