Dorothy Iannone

© Dorothy Iannone. Photo: Air de Paris, Romainville
I Love To Beat You, 1969-1970
Courtesy Peres Projects
Painting , 190 x 150 cm
crylic on linen mounted on canvas

“These days I am interested in ecstacy. That is, I think, I want it all the time. Never mind what they say about the nature of ecstasy, I've got a feeling one could limit oneself to such an extent that it would be possible half the time - and that's like all the time. At 36 I am down to (in a passionate way) eating, drinking, sleeping, smoking, only the greatest friends, love and sex. Work is no longer a constant matter of being alive happily. It's a method of expression waiting for those times when I am not being a beauty in the other ways (today, for example).”

Dorothy lannone, Düsseldorf, Nov. 1969, from Teaching and Learning as Performing Arts by Robert Filliou (1926-1987), first published in 1970