Dorothy Iannone

© Doorthy Iannone. Collection Daniel Löwensbrück, Berlin/Kobenhavn
A Fluxus Essay, 2016
Collection Daniel Löwensbrück, Berlin/Kobenhavn
Other , 30 x 22cm
Book and CD

“I am she who is not Fluxus. I am she who is cared for by many Fluxus men. I am she who cares for these same men. Out of a loving concern for my eventual placement in the history of art, and out of a desire to render the image of Fluxus more harmonious with the universe, Ben Vautier has decided to include me in the Geneva exhibition. I am to be (...) the Fluxus woman. It is characteristic of the ideally anarchistic spirit of Fluxus that a woman artist who is not a Fluxus artist should be the Fluxus woman artist. And that's why I like Fluxus-it's always telling me I can do anything I want and I like my ways to be confirmed and blessed.”

Dorothy lannone and Her Mother Sarah Pucci, exh. cat. Neue Galerie - Sammlung Ludwig, Aachen 1980, unpaginated