Dorothy Iannone

© Dorothy Iannone. Image: Air de Paris
A Cookbook (drawing of the cover), 2017
The Estate Of Dorothy Iannone, courtesy Air de Paris, Romainville and Peres Projects, Berlin
Drawing , 37 x 56,2 x 3,4 cm
framed dyptich, gouache and india ink on carboard

“In my atelier, I worked on the Cookbook on a drawing table, and when I had had enough of that, I resumed painting one of my large canvases. Reading the comments with which each page of the Cookbook is adorned, I realize that nothing less than love could have prompted the transforming of an accumulation of recipes into a work of art. (…) The utilitarian objective of A Cookbook, “to have my favorite recipes always with me when I cooked for my peripatetic beloved.”

 from Dorothy Iannone. A Cookbook, 1969 (facsimile)