Dorothy Iannone

© Dorothy Iannone. Scan: M HKA
Dieter Roth & Dorothy Iannone, 2005
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Book , 28 cm x 22,5 cm

Dieter Roth & Dorothy Iannone - an unusual lovers' and artists' relationship that began in June 1967, when the couple first met in Iceland, and which remained a lifelong friendship even after their separation in 1974. This book presents a comprehensive overview of their artistic activities and brings the dialogue between their works to light.
In all those years, Dieter Roth wrote postcards to his lover and companion, his "Lioness", which accompany their relationship with a voice of their own. They become a part of the discourse between the artists and find each other in their own way again in this book: Small, wonderful and often humorous artworks with over-painted motifs and ambiguous declarations of love.
For Dorothy lannone, Roth became the main person of reference in her autobiographically based œuvre. His prominent figure often appears in her unconventional and provocative representations of erotic scenes that caused many a scandal during the late 1960s. A wide-ranging interview with lannone provides a very personal insight into this time and into her work.
Two art historical essays by Dietmar Elger and Oliver Koerner von Gustorf put the lives and works of both artists into context. Bernadette Walter's analysis is devoted to the perishable paintings and objects made of unusual materials that Dieter Roth worked on at that time. 248 high-quality colour illustrations bring the two œuvres to life, underscoring their differences and their points of contact.

Essays by Dietmar Elger, Oliver Koerner von Gustorf and Bernadette Walter. Interview by Dirk Dobke with Dorothy Iannone.
Language: English and German
Published by Holzwarth Publications