Dorothy Iannone

© Dorothy Iannone. Photo: M HKA
Movie People, 2009-2014
Series , dimensions variable
gouache and acrylic on paper on wood

“Around 1966, I made a few hundred wooden cutouts of everyone in the world I could think of, real people, mythological people, invented people, and I always included their sexual organs even if they were fully dressed (…) Making The Movie People seems like the closing of a circle. Early in my work, I used texts from writers whom I loved, such as Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra. Later, I used my own writings and my own story. And now, in my super twilight years, I return to the inspiration of lovers who are not myself, although now I use my own words to narrate their history and call attention to their exemplary lives. The Movie People are painted cutouts, mounted on wood of scenes from my favorite films about unconditional loves, or at least, about the sacrifice of one's own happiness for the sake of the beloved.”

Dorothy Iannone, from Maurizio Cattelan, An interview with Dorothy Iannone in Pleased To Meet You: Dorothy Iannone, deluxe fanzine published by Semiose éditions, number 3, February 2017, p.5

As part of the exhibition, DE CINEMA proposes a programme with various films related to Dorothy Iannone's series Movie People. 

12.11.2023: The Sheltering Sky (Bernardo Bertolucci, 1990. 35mm)
10.12.2023: My Beautiful Laundrette (Stephen Frears, 1985)
14.01.2024: Pandora And The Flying Dutchman (Albert Lewin, 1951)