“In the late 1960's, Dieter Roth gave me a tape recorder as a gift. Perhaps because he knew I loved to sing. When later I played my first cassette recording for him, he cried. I was alarmed, but he quickly reassured me by saying that when he listened to Schubert he cried, too. Soon after, I incorporated my audio cassettes into my Singing Boxes, and following this urge to express my feelings through different senses, in 1975, I made my first video box. Making a trademark Fluxus box was not really my cup of tea. In fact, when I agreed to make an edition in 1981 for Bengt Adlers, and he presented the little wooden box I was supposed to use, I couldn't quite relate to it. After struggling for a while, I finally was able to make the box my own, so to speak. My payment was to be 100 Swedish Kronor for each box in the edition. I proposed that this sum be placed inside the box. In this way, each box became a gift from the artist.”


Dorothy Iannone